Panel 7 Orientation

The requirements for serving on Panel 7 are slightly different than other panels.  These requirements are discussed in greater detail below, but we have also created an orientation video specific to Panel 7 that we would ask that you complete

Panel 7 Orientation Video

Please go to the Panel 7 Orientation Video Page to view the video.  You will need to log in using your ERICA credentials.

Completion Certification

After watching the video, you are encouraged to submit any questions you may have to the IRB staff.   Then, you must certify via email that you have completed the video orientation requirement.

To certify that you have reviewed the video in its entirety, please send an email to and include the following statement:

This email certifies that I have reviewed the IRB video titled “Panel 7 Orientation” in its entirety.  I have been offered the opportunity to ask questions.

Add your official signature block to the end of the email.  We will use the email as documentation that you have completed this requirement.

Your Responsibilities

Panel 7 is a panel that reviews “expedited” studies only, which means Panel 7 will not meet in person/convene to discuss studies.  Each member of Panel 7 is required to complete and submit all of their reviews in our online system, ERICA (  ERICA is essentially available 24-hours a day unless we have a large weekend update, which we inform our members of via the “irbboard listserv” email list.  We will automatically add you to this list as part of your New Member Checklist (discussed above).

The goal of Panel 7 is to improve the IRB’s review times for minimal risk studies, which means we expect our Panel 7 members to be available to do reviews at any time during each month.  If you anticipate not being available for a short time (e.g. for a vacation or holiday, etc.), please send an email to the IRB staff at to alert us to hold your reviews until you are available again.

Once a review is assigned to you, you will be expected to complete the review within 1 week (7 calendar days) of the assignment date.  

You may expect at least ten reviews each month.  New Study (NS) reviews take more time than Continuing Reviews (CR) or Amendments (AM) for existing projects.