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Please note that the Institutional Review Board does not review research involving animal subjects. Please contact IACUC (the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) for information regarding animal research.

We welcome your feedback regarding our services and website. Please contact us by email, anonymous comment submission, or complete our Customer Service Survey, and provide us with the feedback we need to improve our process. Thank you!

Institutional Review Board
Research Administration Building
75 South 2000 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

Tel: 801-581-3655
Fax: 801-587-9138

IRB Staff

Which staff member should I contact?

Name Title Email Phone
Militza Martinez  IRB Clerk  801-581-3655
Josi Bitencourt Administrative Assistant 801-587-9135
Ann Johnson IRB Director 385-419-0712
Sarah Mumford IRB Associate Director  801-784-8624
Annie Risenmay IRB Operations Manager 801-587-9137
Ammon Pate IRB Operations Manager 801-581-8220
Lisa Rigtrup IRB Operations Manager 801-581-8236
Gary Henderson IRB Operations Manager  801-585-6307
Milana Perepyolkina IRB Administrator 801-585-6037
Lacy Clegg IRB Administrator  801-585-2360
Melinda Boulter IRB Administrator (Part-Time)  801-587-9136
Anna Shirley IRB Administrator (Part-Time)  N/A
Hannah Owen IRB Administrator 801-585-0302
Margaret McFarland IRB Administrator  801-587-9134
Annie Huff IRB Administrator  801-581-7543
Heather Jewett IRB Administrator  801-585-6452
Lindsey Byrd IRB Administrator  TBD
April Edwards Panel 1 Coordinator  801-581-7893
Hannah Baley Panel 2 Coordinator  801-585-5363
Emma Tkachuck Panel 3 Coordinator  801-585-0940
TBD Panel 4 Coordinator TBD 801-585-1116
Rachelle Riffle Panel 6 Coordinator 



Are you a member of our listserv? The IRB sends out all announcements and updates on the IRB listserv. If you would like to be added to this email list:

  • Send an email to
  • In the "Subject" line, type "Subscribe irbalert <<yourname> >".
  • <<yourname> > should be your first and last name (no space).

Office of Research Integrity

Past or prospective participants or their designated representatives, study teams, and others who wish to ask questions, express concerns, or provide general feedback regarding the Human Research Protection Program to someone independent of the IRB may contact the Research Integrity and Compliance Office by calling 801-581-7170.

Last Updated: 11/5/18