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Fee for Service: Single IRB (SIRB) Review Services for Multi-Site Studies

Budget up-front for your SIRB review services with the University of Utah. We charge a flat rate based on a number of study factors, so you know exactly what the cost of SIRB review services will be from the beginning. 

SIRB fees are not subject to the University indirect cost rate and should be budgeted as a direct cost.

 REQUEST A FEE QUOTE  Submit a consultation request.  The UU IRB will respond in 2 business days or less.

Budgeting for SIRB Fees Video
play Learn more about Budgeting for SIRB Fees

All funded studies who wish to use the UU IRB as the Single IRB.  This includes studies with federal funding, industry funding and for-profit, foundation funding, etc. Fees are also assessed for industry-sponsored studies wishing to use an external SIRB. 

The University of Utah SIRB fee for each study is calculated based on the following factors:

  • Number of years the study will be open.  The longer a study is open, the more SIRB review effort is needed. This results in a higher fee for service.

  • Number of participating research sites that need SIRB review.  The more sites involved, the more SIRB review effort is needed. This results in a higher fee for service. 

  • Complexity of the study design.  Complex studies require more sIRB review effort. Complex studies generally have more amendment submissions, longer consent documents, and more procedures.  This contributes to the increase in sIRB review effort and higher fee for service. 

    The UU IRB does not charge an itemized, per-submission fee based on the number of documents a study uses, the number of amendments submitted, or the number of continuing reviews. We charge a flat rate each year based on whether your study is interventional or non-interventional and the median amount of SIRB effort needed for such a study.  If you use more than the median amount of effort, we will not charge you more.  Additionally, we review all reportable problems and events free of charge.

  • Whether the University of Utah or its Affiliate Institutions are participating sites in the study.  If the University of Utah or one of its Affiliate Institutions is a participating site in the study, we will waive a portion of the SIRB review fee for federally-funded research.  Because the University of Utah continues to cover a portion of the IRB review costs as part of the indirect rate, we will reduce the amount billed as a direct cost to an award. 

Reliance Consultation & Confirmation Services

  • Basic reliance agreement negotiation with each site
  • Communication and coordination with the Human Research Programs (HRPs) at each site
  • Reliance documentation procurement

 Initial SIRB Review

  • Overall protocol and supporting documents review
  • Generic and site-specific informed consent review (unlimited number of documents)
  • Recruitment material review (unlimited number of documents)
  • Site-specific community and institutional considerations

 Ongoing SIRB Review

  • Amendment reviews (unlimited number of amendments)
  • Continuing/Annual reviews
  • Reportable problem and event reviews

Here is what the sIRB Review Fee does not cover:

  • Pre-IND/IDE Compliance Reviews for Sponsor-Investigators - $250
    The UU IRB can provide this compliance review before an investigational drug or device study begins, to ensure that the Sponsor-Investigator is prepared to meet all of the FDA requirements.  This can generally be completed remotely and does not require travel costs. 

  • Regulatory Audits - $1,000 per day + travel
    The UU IRB can provide comprehensive regulatory audit services through our quality and compliance team. 

  • Complex Reliance Agreement Negotiation - $1,000
    There are several, known reliance agreements that are used nationally that we cover in our standard sIRB review fee.  However, if a different reliance agreement needs to be negotiated, an additional fee is charged.   

Invoices are sent by the ERICA system via email directly to the Responsible Investigator for the project, including that investigator's contacts listed in the ERICA application. Individual invoices are not sent to each participating site investigator. It is expected that the Responsible Investigator will coordinate payment of the fees, whether the fee is paid as a direct cost on the primary award or from a subcontract.  

An initial payment is required to initiate the sIRB Review Services for the new study.  After a study is approved, an annual fee is assessed for the lifetime of the study to cover services provided in the previous year.  All payments can be initiated upon receipt of the initial or annual invoices. 

Please note that a quote does not represent an invoice for payment.  Separate invoices will be sent in order to receive payment at specified time points.


Last Updated: 7/28/20