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Where are the Consent Document Templates?

Instead of consent templates, the University of Utah IRB offers detailed guidance and models to help you design your consent process. 

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Do I Still Need the IRB Approval Stamp Footer?

If you submit your consent documents to the IRB as a Word Document, the watermark footer field is still required. You can also submit a PDF with a blank footer.

submitting consent documents to the IRB

Documents are in Word [DOC] format unless otherwise noted.

Recruitment Materials
FORMS Tracked Changes Version Date
Recruitment Letter Template   05.14.2010
Simple Referral Template   05.14.2010
Full Protocol Documents
FORMS Tracked Changes Version Date
See: Preparation Packet for Investigator-Initiated Drug and Device Studies    
External Sites and Agreements
FORMS Tracked Changes Version Date
Data Use Agreement (DUA) Template - UUHSC - Please contact PIVOT   N/A
Data Use Agreement (DUA) Template - IHC   06.09.2008
Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) Template- Please contact PIVOT   N/A
Other Documents
FORMS Tracked Changes Version Date
Agreement for Public Ethnographic Studies   N/A
Certification for Emergency Use of a Test Article without Informed Consent   01.03.2012

Case Report Using Existing Data Author Worksheet [PDF]

Tracked Version 09.01.2015
Data / Biospecimen Repository Management Plan Template   02.18.2022
Department of Defense (DoD) Supplement Form  Tracked Version 08.16.2021
Exclusion of Research Data in EMR Request Form - Available on Pulse (University employee access only)
University of Utah Health Form Only; This is not a requirement of all studies that use the University of Utah IRB.  
Exemption Umbrella Annual Report Template   09.01.2013
Expired Study Continuation Request Form   07.01.2021
Payment Process Exception Request Form   01.03.2012
Privacy Protection Verification for Research Conducted in Schools   08.15.2017
Report Form for Public Ethnographic Studies   N/A
Research Preparation Form   07.21.2014
Research Using Decedents' Information Form Tracked Version 10.23.2013
VA Criteria vs. Affiliate Form   02.21.2012
Last Updated: 12/28/22