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Resource for Genetic and Epidemiological Research (RGE)

Please visit: Resource for Genetic and Epidemiologic Research

The Resource for Genetic and Epidemiologic Research (RGE) governs access to certain data and research resources provided to the University of Utah for use in biomedical research, including the Utah Population Database (UPDB) and the High Risk Cancer Clinics (HRCC) at the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah. Access to these research resources requires review and approval by the RGE Review Committee and by the Institutional Review Board. Approval from RGE must be received before the IRB will give final approval for a study. This approval must be renewed annually.

What should I submit? On the "Study Location and Sponsors" Page of the IRB application, indicate that your study involves the use of the Utah Population Database (UPDB). This action will automatically prompt ERICA to generate the RGE review pages as you click "Continue" through the application.

Last Updated: 10/4/22