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Adverse Device Effects

The investigational device exemption (IDE) regulations define an unanticipated adverse device effect (UADE) as “any serious adverse effect on health or safety or any life-threatening problem or death caused by, or associated with, a device, if that effect, problem, or death, was not previously identified in a nature, severity, or degree of incidence in the investigational plan or application (including a supplementary plan or application), or any other unanticipated serious problem associated with a device that relates to the rights, safety, or welfare of subjects” (21 CFR 812.3(s)).

You must immediately conduct an evaluation of a UADE and must report the results of the evaluation to the FDA, the IRB, and all participating investigators within 10 working days after the sponsor first receives notice of the effect (21 CFR 812.46(b), 812.150(b)(1)).

How do I report UADEs to the IRB?

Where can I find more information?

Last Updated: 4/7/21