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This page includes tutorials written and maintained by the IRB Staff designed to assist study teams with various aspects of the IRB process. Content is updated continually, so check back often. If you have suggestions or comments regarding this page, including suggestions for new topics, please contact the IRB Staff.

Tutorial Description Version
Adding Your Email to the IRB Listserv [PDF] This page includes instructions for adding your email address to the IRB’s listserv. 12.2007
Amendment Application Tutorial [PDF] This tutorial is intended to provide you with more in-depth and practical assistance as you complete your Amendment Application. 02.2012
Ancillary Committees Overview This tutorial offers guidance about the overall process of ancillary review in ERICA and the purpose of each ancillary review. Web page
Approval Letter Determinations [PDF] This document includes descriptions of the determinations the IRB routinely includes in its approval letters, and what each determination means. 01.2012
Attaching Updated Documents to Continuing Reviews and Amendments [PDF] This tutorial will walk you through the process of attaching updated documents to your Continuing Review or Amendment application. 11.2007
Continuing Review Application Tutorial [PDF] This tutorial will help you avoid common mistakes when completing the Continuing Review (CR) Application in ERICA. 05.2013
Curriculum Vitae Versus a Resume [PDF] This document highlights the differences between an academic curriculum vitae (CV) and a resume. 11.2006
Data Use Agreement Signature Block Tutorial [PDF] This tutorial shows you how to complete the signature block on a Data Use Agreement (DUA). 08.2011
Full Protocol Requirements [PDF] This document will help you decide whether you need to attach a full protocol to your IRB application. 01.2012
Help Text Index This document contains a read-only list of all the blue help text in ERICA. Coming Soon
New Study Application Tutorial [PDF] The New Study Application was revised in 2012 to comply with updated policies and procedures, to enhance understanding and readability of the questions, and to eliminate unnecessary duplication. This tutorial is intended to provide you with more in-depth and practical assistance as you complete your New Study Application.

This tutorial can also be used to help you as you complete the Update Study Application at continuing review.
Privacy Versus Confidentiality in Research [PDF] This document explains the differences between the concept of “privacy” and “confidentiality” in human subject research. 11.2007
Protocol Summary e-Version [PDF] This tutorial includes instructions for generating a traditional protocol summary from the answers provided in your application. 01.2012
Tracking Documents for IRB Review [PDF] This tutorial offers instructions for how to format your revised documents efficiently for IRB review. 07.2008
Update Study Questions from the Continuing Review Application [PDF] This tutorial walks you through accessing the Update Study application from your Continuing Review application. 02.2008
View Differences Tutorial [PDF] This tutorial will show you how to view tracked changes to the New Study or Update Study application using the “View Differences” button. 01.2012
Waivers [PDF] This document explains the differences between the different types of waivers you can request in the IRB application. 04.2008
Last Updated: 4/7/21