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Who Are We?

An Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a committee of research experts and members of the community who review research projects that study people.  In the United States, all research that involves people, their data, or their biospecimens must be approved by an IRB before it begins. IRB review makes sure human subject research meets high ethical standards, as well as federal and local laws.

At the University of Utah IRB, we pride ourselves on serving our medical, social, and behavioral research community, as well as the people who agree to take part in research across the State of Utah, the United States, and countries all over the world. Our members are carefully selected with these goals in mind.

IRB members gain experience reviewing medical, social, and behavioral research. IRB service also offers an opportunity to hear about current research in Utah and network with the research community.  Members participate in ethical discussions relating to current studies and help represent the thoughts and concerns of the local community. 

We are Recruiting Volunteers!



We need volunteers from the community to serve as voting members of the IRB. 

Learn more about what it means to be an IRB board member below.






Last Updated: 5/6/21