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A Community Advisory IRB Panel: Amplifying Voices & Improving the Review of Human Subject Research


Implementation of a Community Advisory IRB panel is a unique way to increase community member participation. Our concept of a CA-IRB panel goes beyond the traditional concepts of community IRB member service and a community advisory board; it gives a convened IRB's voting majority to non-scientist, community members, allowing their perspectives to be more readily considered and moves their perspectives beyond a mere advisory role.

Presented: 2022 PRIM&R Annual Conference


Audio Short Forms: Improving the Consent Process for Non-English Speaking Participants


By creating an audio library of our short form consent document, we hoped to remove the language barrier that currently exists for non-English speaking, illiterate, or visually impaired populations in our community.

Presented: 2019 PRIM&R AER Conference


Moving Beyond Informed Consent Templates: An Interactive, Guided Approach for Investigators


The purpose of this project was to develop an alternative method for assisting investigators in writing a consent document instead of the traditional informed consent template. 

Presented: 2019 AAHRPP Conference, 2019 PRIM&R AER Conference


A Standardized Model for Recording & Reporting Institutional Review Board Metrics


IRBs are under the microscope for review efficiency. However, comparison of metrics across IRBs can be ineffective due to the variations in IRB procedures and review processes. There is increased urgency to develop a standard approach for recording and reporting IRB metrics.

Presented: 2019 PRIM&R AER Conference


An Approach to Reviewing Local Context for Exception From Informed Consent (EFIC) Trials Using Single IRB


We created a specific local context submission and review process when acting as the Single IRB for EFIC trials.

Presented: 2019 PRIM&R AER Conference


Last Updated: 11/23/23