IRB Updates: VA Application and Administrative Review in ERICA

Effective Monday, December 16, 2013, the ERICA system will be updated.  Please find a summary of the changes below.  

Due to the update, ERICA will be offline beginning today at 5:00 PM until Sunday, 12/15 at 6:00 AM.

VA Application and Administrative Review in ERICA:
Users who request approval of projects that include the VA as a site will be required to complete additional new study application pages to provide information specific to the VA.  The VA administrative review has also been incorporated into ERICA‚Äôs new study review process, which includes Privacy and Information Security reviews.  This means that VA studies will receive VA administrative review in ERICA before they will move on to the IRB for review.  

The VA Research and Development (R&D) Review has not been incorporated into ERICA. For VA studies, final approval from the IRB and R&D Committee is required before initiating study procedures at the VA location.  

If you have questions regarding the submission or review process for VA studies, please contact the IRB or the following office:

VA Research Office