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Transition from Campus Orders to UShop for IRB Fees

June 8th, 2018

Beginning June 29, 2018, the IRB will no longer accept payment for fees using a Campus Order.  Campus Orders are being phased out across campus and will no longer be an acceptable method of payment.

The Campus Order payment option is being replaced with the ordering process on the UShop Marketplace. As of Monday, June 11, 2018, the IRB will be accepting fees in UShop. 

Please note the following items:

  • Campus Orders received by the IRB between June 11th and July 6th will still be processed.  Campus Orders received after June 29th will not be processed. 
  • UShop Training Options - This training is required by Financial and Business Services before you can place orders in UShop to pay IRB fees. We encourage you to begin this training process now in order to be able to pay IRB fees by June 29th.
  • Visit the Financial & Business Services' UShop, for more information including the UShop Help Desk, an FAQ, and How-to Guides.
  • The IRB invoices sent from the ERICA system will be updated to reflect this new payment method and provide you with the information needed to pay your fees in UShop.
  • The IRB will continue to accept checks from outside entities, such as sponsors, as a method of payment. 
  • The IRB will continue to hold study reviews and approvals until fees are paid in full. 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the IRB at or 801-581-3655.

Last Updated: 1/16/20