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February 7th, 2020

RULE Regarding the Use of Biospecimens

Effective August 26, 2019, the University of Utah has issued a rule regarding the use of biospecimens.

Rule 7-002A defines what constitutes a biospecimen and what qualifies as University research. University Researchers and administrative units engaged in the collection of biospecimens and associated data should make reasonable efforts to collect information regarding each biospecimen, including details about origin, collection, and processing.

This rule applies to all University Faculty, Staff, Non-Faculty Academic Employees, and Students. It is intended to facilitate beneficial use of biospecimens in an effort to advance research. The rule establishes a dispute resolution process in the event of a disagreement over access to or use of biospecimens and associated data.

 Please read the full rule for more details:

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Last Updated: 3/20/20