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December 21st, 2022

IRB Update: HRPP Progress Reports

Beginning in August of 2021, studies without an expiration date were required to submit a Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Progress Update in the ERICA system.

HRPP Progress Updates are due before the annual anniversary date of the study's initial approval or exemption determination from the ERICA system. An HRPP Progress Update submission is required annually for as long as the study is open.

If the Principal Investigator does not submit the HRPP Progress Update by the annual anniversary date of the study's initial approval/exemption, the study will be administratively closed. Beginning January 1, 2023, no exceptions will be given to this requirement. The ERICA system will send you two courtesy reminders via email before your HRPP Progress Update is due.

If your IRB application is closed before the study activities are complete, a New Study application must be submitted to the IRB to continue research activities. The investigator must stop all research activities until the new application is IRB approved.



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Last Updated: 12/21/22