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ERICA is an online submission and review system used by the UUIRB.  It allows for not only enhanced review efficiency, but improved quality and compliance.  Studies benefit from ERICA's centralized documentation, communication, and review features. 

Stay in the loop and manage the status of your study and the participating sites more effectively in ERICA. 

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ERICA Access for All Study Teams & Guests

Access to the ERICA system is available for study personnel at participating sites, including those that are external to the University of Utah. 

Guest access to studies is also available for study monitors, external auditors, and HRP representatives.

Site-Control Model

Studies with multiple sites have the option to active the Site-Control Model on the IRB application.  This model allows the site's information to be managed semi-independently from the main IRB application.

Participating site investigators and personnel can have convenient access to the information specific to their site.  Additionally, participating site investigators and personnel can have the ability to edit and submit their site's information, allowing them to help with the submission workload for their site. 

  •  Study Site Information sheet coming soon!

  • Instructions for creating a multisite consent model with the Study Site Information sheet coming soon!


Last Updated: 4/7/21