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Community Outreach Highlight: “Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve”

The “RBG dissent collar” shirt, created by Dr. Ann JohnsonAnn Johnson's STEM Ambassador project centers around her love of sewing. Ann will be teaching a sewing class through the University's Lifelong Learning program called "Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve: Sewing Textiles to Express Your Values". Ann's goal with her project is to help learners make an item of clothing that helps to express their values. She hopes to infuse her knowledge of research ethics into the discussion and raise awareness about the IRB while also sharing her knowledge of sewing. 

What is the STEM Ambassador Program?

The IRB staff participated in the first-ever remote training series for the Stem Ambassador Program (STEMAP), which is an NSF funded program designed to train scientists to engage members of the public in innovative ways outside traditional venues. As part of the STEMAP training program, each participating scientist completes a community engagement project designed to link their desired social impact with experiences or interests that resonate with the scientist.

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Last Updated: 6/7/21